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B. K. N. Govt. Polytechnic Narnaul


Electronics & Communication Engg Department

    • The Electronics & Communication Engineering Department was established in 1994 in the Institute and runs 3 Years Diploma Program with 60 students intake per year under Directorate of Technical Education, Haryana. This Diploma Program affiliated to Haryana State Board of Technical Education Panchkula and approved by All India Council of Technical Education, New Delhi to cater to the ever challenging needs of technical excellence in all areas of Electronics & Communication Engineering.

    • Future Scope for Engineers Studying Electronics and Communication Engineering is the dream of every second aspirant due to a number of reasons;

        • Growth
        • Job Opportunities
        • Salary Range
        • Continuous Industry Growth

        • The course is designed to cater supervisor level engineer for the industry. After taking the course you would have a good idea of how electronic systems work and how they are made. Electronics engineers are involved in designing, creating, developing, testing and supervising an extensive variety of technology ranging from broadcasting & telecommunication systems like Televisions, Computers, Telephones and Radios to various machinery and equipment like Tracking Devices, Video Cameras, Electric Motors, and Power Generators.

      • The field of electronics covers a wide range of applications and devices which make our life easier and enjoyable by helping to collect, distribute, control & transmit information. They assist us to see, hear and communicate over long distances within seconds.
      • Electronics have a major role to play in virtually every industry. They increase productivity in sectors like oil, energy and agriculture. Steel, petroleum, chemical industries depend on electronics for daily processes and functions. Even hospitals in the health-care industry rely heavily on electronics to perform routine tests on patients. Safety measures in transportation, industries and homes also depend on electronics. 
      • Electronics engineers may choose to specialize in various areas like Biomedical Engineering, Microelectronics, Power Electronics, Communications, Manufacture of Equipment etc. or in one particular specialty within these areas, for example Analog and Digital Electronics or Fiber Optics. These engineers are responsible for designing new products, writing reports on their performance, as well as overseeing their maintenance. Testing equipment and machinery, solving problems related to operation, and estimating time and cost of products also comes under their job. 
        • Present and Future Benefits belongs to Electronics.
        • A quick insight into modern electronics
        • Emphasis on practical devices and systems
        • Job in sale, service and manufacturing
        • Good placement in Govt. & Private sector
        • Handsome salary
        • Attractive promotional opportunities


Prepare Diploma Engineers with good engineering skills in ‘Electronics and Communication’ to meet the growing technological need of industry with social and moral values.


      • To provide quality technical education in students’ friendly environment.
      • To make an animate relation between institute, industry and alumni.
      • To motivate students to take part in extracurricular and cultural activities so that they can be in touch with society along with engineering skills.


        1. To prepare engineers capable to design, test, install, troubleshoot electronic and communication devices.
        2. To develop skills in students to work efficiently individual as well as in a team.


LABORATORIES: Electronics & Comm. Engg. Department have 6 well equipped Laboratories:

      1. Communication Engineering Lab.
      2. Basic Electronics & NFTL Lab.
      3. Digital & Microprocessor Lab.
      4. ETM & Power Lab.
      5. CPA & Virtual Lab.
      6. Electronics Project Lab. & Workshop

SMART CLASS ROOM : ECE Department has a well equipped and fully furnished Smart Classroom with latest Digital Teaching Aids


Students of ECE Department are working at top level posts in industries / MNCs in India & abroad with handsome salary packages.

1. Name : Sandeep Kumar Roll no : 030810037 Batch : 2003-2006

Designation : Supplychain Head

Package : 20.5 Lakh

Current company : Carrier Midea India Private Limited.

2. Name : AAMIR Khan Roll No : 030810001 Batch : 2003-2006

Designation : Application Scientist

Package: 18 Lakh

Current company: Beckman Coulter Life Sciences