B. K. N. Govt. Polytechnic, Narnaul

Responsible Officer / Official: Games & Sports Facilities                 

Sr. No.

Name of Staff with Designation Photo & Mobile No




Sh. Naresh Sharma

Workshop Supdt.


Mobile:  9416381419


Sports President


  1. Overall In-Charge for All Sports activities.
  2. Responsible for selection of Team members for each games / sports activities with proper selection criteria.
  3. Responsible for providing facilities to students for practicing / organizing   sports activities.
  4. Responsible for selection to teams for participation in Inter-polytechnic sports activities.



Sh. Manoj Kumar

Workshop Instructor  

Mobile:  9416302747


Sports In-Charge   

  1. To assist Sports President in section of teams for sport activities.
  2. Responsible to organize sports activities for which teams have been selected by sports president.
  3. Responsible for providing all facilities to students who participates in sports activities at Institute level / Inter-polytechnic level.