B. K. N. Govt. Polytechnic, Narnaul

Responsible Officers / Officials: Canteen                   


Sr. No.

Name of Staff with Designation Photo & Mobile No




Sh. Naresh Sharma

Work-Shop Supdt.



Mobile:  9416381419


Officer In-Charge (Canteen)


  1. Responsible for allotment of Canteen Contract to eligible individual / firm as per Govt. procedure.
  2. Co-ordinate with Canteen Contractor to execute work as per the terms & conditions of the contract.
  3. Responsible for maintaining Good Quality of Food items in Canteen for students and staff.



Sh. Sikander  Singh

Work-Shop Instructor  


Mobile:  9466295000


In-Charge (Canteen)

  1. In-Charge of Furniture items and all other items provided by Institute to contractor.
  2. To Assist Officer In-Charge (Canteen) in all responsibilities.